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Grouphorse provides simultaneous interpreting services for LendIt summits

Updated:January 01, 2017

Grouphorse provided simultaneous interpreting services for the first Global Fintech Investment Summit (GFIS) at Island Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong on July 13, and the China-US Fintech Innovation Summit (CUFIS) 2016 at Hilton Shenzhen Futian on July 15.


Co-founded by Jason Jones, Bo Brustkern, and Peter Renton in New York in 2013, LendIt is the world’s largest conference series dedicated to fintech and lending and aims at stringing global fintech communities together. This is the first time that Lang Di Fintech Conference introduced investment, technologies, products and professionals from Europe and the US to China. 

At the summits, foreign fintech leaders exchanged views and built partnerships with their Chinese counterparts, which was also a good opportunity for Chinese fintech industry to go global and showcase its innovative services, products and business models.


The GFIS was co-hosted by LendIt and AMTD Group Company Limited, the leading diversified financial service group based in Hong Kong with business all over Asia, and was joined by more than 80 leading Asian investors and over 40 international companies.


The CUFIS was co-hosted by LendIt and Shenzhen Internet Finance Association, the largest organization engaging in Internet finance which is supported by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. It was joined by more than 140 representatives of leading enterprises in the industry, including CEOs of Prosper, America’s first marketplace lending platform, ConsenSys, a venture production studio building decentralized applications and various developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, Orchard, a leading provider of data, technology and software to the online lending industry, as well as representatives of Shenzhen Kingdom Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., Yi’an Property Insurance Company, etc.


The summits sought to connect leading international fintech companies with Asian investors where attendees talked about how the Internet has been increasing the efficiency of the financial industry and how to better incorporate big data and blockchain into fintech.


In addition, Grouphorse provided consecutive interpreting services for a LendIt delegation of Chinese senior executives during their visits to companies like Webank and Touna and the welcome dinner hosted by Hongling Capital.


The quality of the interpreting services ensured the summits and the delegation’s visits went on smoothly and was highly spoken of by the summit audience and delegation.

Grouphorse’s simultaneous interpreters in the booth at the Global Fintech Investment Summit.

The LendIt delegation of Chinese executives visits Webank.

The LendIt delegation at the welcome dinner hosted by Hongling Capital.

Grouphorse’s interpreters, Tang Guanhua (right in the front row) and Ye Ziqi (left in the front row), and guests.


Mr. Sheng Bin, former deputy secretary-general of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and an adviser at Shenzhen Internet Finance Association, addresses the CUFIS 2016.

The China-US Fintech Innovation Summit 2016.

Grouphorse’s interpreters work in the booth at the summit.

A Grouphorse staff talks with a guest at the summit.

A staff with Grouphorse’s Shenzhen branch, talks with a guest during the networking break.


Grouphorse’s interpreters.