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Grouphorse’s Chengdu branch provides interpreting services at Edwards Lifesciences Dealer Conference

Updated:May 25, 2016

Grouphorse’s Chengdu branch served as the exclusive simultaneous interpreting service provider at the Edwards Lifesciences Dealer Conference on May 28 at Sheraton Chongqing Hotel and was highly appraised by Chinese and foreign guests.

The conference titled “Live Our Ambition” started with the analysis of new high-tech products that help cure structural heart disease and assist intensive care in China’s medical market, followed by the detailed introduction of the distribution and transportation networks and a report delivered by the Compliance Department, which centered on the rules in the medical market. The legal department also analyzed laws and regulations concerning compliance management in a report focusing on the guidelines of dealers’ abiding by the anti-monopoly laws.


An interpreter in the booth preparing.


Philippe Bizot, vice president and managing director of Greater China and Korea region, Edward Lifesciences, analyzes Chinese medical market.