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Grouphorse provides simultaneous interpreting services for 2016 GIC Virtual Reality Summit

Updated:April 09, 2016

Grouphorse’s Beijing branch provided simultaneous interpreting services for the Global Innovator Conference Virtual Reality Summit in Beijing on April 9.


Initiated by Yintelligence Community and co-hosted by the APEC China Business Council, the summit brought together over 800 developers, investors, professionals in VR and surrounding industries from North America, Europe and Asia. They had in-depth discussions about the relations between VR and motion capture, movie and TV, education, and art.


The guests included Eric Shamlin, executive producer at Secret Location, Cryteck Executive Producer Elijah Freeman, who also produced The Climb and Back to Dinosaur Island, Christine Cattano, executive producer of Framestore's VR Studio and special effects producer of The Martian, Ryan Holmes, founder of SpaceVR, Michael Buckwald, CEO of Leap Motion, Mike Rothenberg, founder of Rothenberg Ventures, Tristan Salome, head of research and development at Nozon, and representatives of Chinese VR vendors such as Noitom, UCCVR, Ximmerse, 7Invensun, etc.


As the exclusive language service provider of the summit, Grouphorse selected the best interpreters to ensure the summit went on smoothly, which was highly recognized by the audience.


Interpreters and staff with Grouphorse.

 Grouphorse’s interpreters Pan and Estelle work in the booth.

Grouphorse’s interpreter Wu Fang interprets at the summit.

Grouphorse’s interpreters Chen Cheng (female) and Zuo Kui (male), work in the booth.

Grouphorse’s interpreter Wang Qian work in the booth.

Grouphorse’s interpreter Fan Shuqian (right) work in the booth.

Grouphorse’s interpreter Sun Zeshu talks with Jan Goetgeluk, CEO of Virtuix, and another guest speaker.

Grouphorse’s interpreter Xu Ning talks with Jonnie Ross, founder of Visionary VR.

Grouphorse’s interpreter Zhou Yuge talks with James McCrae, founder of Janus VR.

 Grouphorse’s interpreter Zhu Ning talks with Caleb Kruse, office director of Leap Motion.

Letters of appreciation from Fu Guoxing, founder of UCCVR, and Jan Goetgeluk, CEO of Virtuix.

Grouphorse staff He Zexu (top left), Yan Hanyu (top right), and Sun Zeshu (bottom).

   Grouphorse staff Wu Fang (top) , Wang Qian (middle) and Zhu Tianlin (bottom).

Grouphorse staff Wang Yitong (top left) , Chen Cheng (top right), and Zuo Kui (bottom).

Grouphorse staff outside the summit venue.