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Grouphorse provides interpreting services for Milan Fashion Week 2015 China Tour

Updated:December 09, 2015

Grouphorse’s Chengdu branch provided interpreting services at a press conference of the Milan Fashion Week 2015 China Tour at the Eastern Suburb Memory park in Chengdu on December 7.


Grouphorse’s interpreter Keesha provided consecutive and whispering interpreting services for Antonio Maria Martini, a world-renowned fashion designer, former president of the Italian Garment Association and former president of the jury of the Milan Fashion Week.


Directed by Michela Meni, a top-notch Italian fashion show director, the fashion show was held on the evening of December 9 where 20 Chinese and foreign supermodels walked the runway.


The 34-year-old Milan Fashion Week is one of the “Big Four” fashion weeks, the others being Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. The fashion industry in Milan can contribute six billion euros a week to the world’s total value.



Grouphorse’s interpreter Keesha (third from right) interprets for Antonio Maria Martini (fourth from right).